Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of piezoelectric sensor

Justification of an approximate 3D model for piezoelectric sensors


Piezoelectric sensors are widely used for ultrasonic non destructive testing as they can convert an elastodynamic wave into a difference of potential and vice versa, they are used both as emitter and receiver. The behavior of such devices is governed by the equations of piezoelectricity. It has been developed and justify a 3D mathematical model in time domain for piezoelectric sensors.

Dynamical 1D models of passive piezoelectric sensors


This study concerns the mathematical modeling of anisotropic and transversely inhomogeneous piezoelectric bars. Such bars are employed as passive sensors aiming at measuring the displacement field on the boundary of an underlying elastic medium excited by an external source. Based on the coupled three-dimensional dynamical equations of piezoelectricity in the quasi-electrostatic approximation, a set of limit problems is derived using formal asymptotic expansions.