This week MΞDISIM is attending the 16th national workshop on computational mechanics (https://csma2024.sciencesconf.org) in Giens (one of the most beautiful places in France!): Also, Martin Genet was elected a board member of the French Computational Mechanics Association.

New paper on mechanical regularization for motion tracking

Martin Genet (with the help of Philippe Moireau and Patrick Le Tallec) just introduced a new formulation of the equilibrium gap principle in the context of finite element motion tracking, cf. https://doi.org/10.5802/crmeca.228! The code is available online (https://gitlab.inria.fr/mgenet/dolfin_warp), and there are even freely available Jupyter notebooks to reproduce the figures Continue ReadingNew paper on mechanical regularization for motion tracking

MΞDISIM @ MORTech 2023

Kateřina Škardová and Martin Genet are attending MORTech 2023 (6th International Workshop on Model Reduction Techniques) at Laboratoire de Mécanique de Paris-Saclay (LMPS), École Normale Supérieur de Paris-Saclay (ENS-PS), to learn about current trends in model reduction methods—we even met a future member of the team (more on that soon)!