New paper on model-augmented monitoring of cardiovascular physiology during general anesthesia

Collaborative work between Dpt of Anesthesia and Critical Care of Lariboisiere Hospital in Paris and M3DISIM Inria team, in addition supported by international partners from the TOFMOD Associated Team (UTSW Medical Center Dallas and King's College London), was published in PLOS ONE (link to the open access paper).

The proof-of-concept work sets up patient-specific models for the cohort of 45 patients undergoing general anesthesia and assesses their potential to augment hemodynamic monitoring. The work paves the way for model-augmented physiological monitoring and pharmaceutical management at operating theatres or intensive care units, in particular in complex situations when direct analysis of arterial pressure or aortic flow waveforms may be inconclusive.

Example of simulated PV loops for a hypotensive patient and at the maximum effect of norepinephrine.