New paper on non-rigid registration of image series to map myocardial fibrosis, in the scope of TOFMOD associated team

Collaborative work between Czech Technical University in Prague, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague and M3DISIM Inria team in the scope of TOFMOD, was accepted for publicaton in Series S of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, preprint available via HAL. The paper presents non-rigid spatial registration of the image series acquired by the Modiffied Look-Locker Inversion Recovery (MOLLI) magnetic resonance imaging sequence, which needs to count with varying contrast and intensity between images. The MOLLI sequence is employed for tissue T1 relaxation time mapping, such as in diffuse myocardial fibrosis, and aims to address the increased myocardial stiffness in some Tetralogy Of Fallot patients (TOF).