Mathematical and numerical modelling of coaxial cables

Derivation and justification of a generalised telegraphist’s model for coaxial cables

In this work, we focus on the time-domain simulation of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in non-homogeneous lossy coaxial cables. The full 3D Maxwell equations, that described the propagation of current and electric potential in such cables, are classically not tackled directly, but instead a 1D scalar model known as the telegraphist’s model is used. We aim at justifying, by means of asymptotic analysis, a time-domain “homogenized” telegraphist’s model. This model, which includes a non-local in time operator, is obtained and justified via asymptotic analysis, for a lossy coaxial cable whose cross-section is not homogeneous.

Derivation and justification of generalised Kirchhoff's laws for coaxial cables

Work in progress