Bruno Burtschell's PhD defense

Bruno Burtschell defended today his PhD thesis on "Mechanical modeling and numerical methods for poromechanics—application to myocardial perfusion" (in French)—congrats Bruno! The jury was composed of:

  • Olivier Pironneau (UPMC, président du jury)
  • Céline Grandmont (Inria, rapporteure)
  • Wolfgang A. Wall (Technical University of Munich, rapporteur)
  • Emmanuel De Langre (Ladhyx, École Polytechnique, examinateur)
  • Anne-Virginie Salsac (CNRS, examinatrice)
  • Dominique Chapelle (Inria, directeur de thèse)
  • Philippe Moireau (Inria, directeur de thèse)

You can find his PhD thesis on TEL, as well as some literature on HAL: