MΞDISIM participates in new Master's in biomechanical engineering

The Biomechanical Engineering Master is a second-year (M2) specialty program of the University of Paris-Saclay Master of Mechanics. The aim of the program is to provide students with specialization in the application of mechanics to biological and biomedical systems. All instruction is in English and is delivered by a group of distinguished faculty who are internationally recognized in their fields. Students may apply directly to the program from other academic institutions or may enrol after having completed the first year (M1) at one of the University of Paris-Saclay partner institutions. The approach for the program is physics- and engineering-based, so students need to have previous training in the physical and/or mathematical sciences.

Among a wide variety of courses, MΞDISIM members propose a course entitled "Biomechanical Modeling of Tissues" (D. Chapelle, P. Moireau)

Application and inquiries: see the website of the master

Poster Master