Radomir Chabiniok's research projects

My research program Cardiac Modeling for Clinical Applications consists of three main topics:

  1. short-term modeling: model-assisted diagnosis and therapy planning by using the predictivity of biophysical models of the instantaneous state of heart
  2. mid-term modeling: such as regulation in progression of heart failure in the time scale of minutes-day(s)
  3. long-term modeling: short-term biophysical models coupled with phenomenological models of longer time-scale capturing remodeling in some disease.

Some of currently running projects with my involvement:

  • Cardiac modeling for monitoring purposes during general anesthesia and at intensive care unit
    • In collaboration with Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Lariboisiere Hospital, Paris
    • PhD project of A. Le Gall, supervising with D. Chapelle (Inria M3DISIM) and E. Gayat (Lariboisiere Hospital)
  • Cardiac Biomechanical Modeling of Chronic Right Ventricular Loading
    • In collaboration with University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) Medical Center Dallas
    • PhD project of M. Gusseva, supervising with D. Chapelle (Inria M3DISIM) and T. Hussain (UTSW)
  • Quantification of regional myocardial contractility under stress conditions by using biophysical modelling and parameter estimation framework
    • Cardiovascular Healthcare Technology Cooperative support at King's College London
    • Collaborative project between M3DISIM team and Division of Imaging Sciences (St Thomas' hospital, King's College London)
    • Cardiac modeling for patients with total cavopulmonary connection (Fontan circulation) with exercise induced heart failure, undergoing combined cardiac MRI and heart catheterization (XMRI) under a stress induced by exercise of pharmacologically; with B. Ruijsink, K. Pushparajah and R. Razavi (King's)