Philippe Moireau

Inria Senior Research Scientist (on secondment from "Corps des Mines")

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My main research concerns inverse problems, in particular identification problems or data assimilation problems in general, with applications to the cardiovascular system. In fact, the cardiovascular system presents so many physical problems from biomechanics to reaction-diffusion equations, with also fluid-structure interaction, hence the set of PDEs studied is quite vast. My main investigations concern the so-called sequential estimation strategies, also known in a deterministic framework as observer based methods. In this context, it is a great challenge to achieve the complete process of data assimilation with:

  • the definition of original data assimilation methods, applicable to the actual physical problem of interest
  • their analysis, at least in a linearized context
  • the definition of adapted numerical methods and their numerical analysis
  • their application to real clinical problems with real data in collaboration with experimentalists or clinicians